Monday, June 2, 2014

25 + 4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Where does the time go? Here we are, Hope and I, at 25 + 4 weeks. An enormous milestone. James was born at this gestation. At this point in time I am the most pregnant I have been. Things are still stable and Hope is having plenty of parties in my tummy to celebrate!

This is a quiet week I guess. No scheduled ultrasound. No special meds. Just rest and eat, rest and eat. I now have upper and lower body bed physio to do to help with my bed resty weakness. It takes me about 45 minutes to get through all my reps in the morning but I think they will be worthwhile. I feel better for doing them.

I have been talking to the midwives a little about doing a tour of the special care nursery. I have been so focused on getting to today's milestone that I haven't really thought about the reality of a premmie again. For some reason in my doughy mind I go from 25 +4 to full term and home with a healthy baby. In all likelihood she will come early and we will spend some time there. Andy and I will visit before I am discharged at 28 weeks ( 17 days and counting).

The staff here are wonderful and are very subtle in their guiding my mind along this journey. I know this is still very early but I feel as though we're definitely going to have a baby girl to take home the end of August. They are helping me transition from fear of loss to a baby that might need some help to get going. I am sure as we progress that there will be more mind shifts.

They can deliver from 32 weeks here. I got this!

Luisa, our lovely au pair has arrived. James adores her. She is a good match for him energy-wise. She is a bit jet-lagged - to be expected. She is adorable, bubbly and enthusiastic. James just loves that he has his own very special friend. Tomorrow Andy is off work and will take her to get all her admin worked out - bank account etc. She should take some pressure off Mum at home I hope. I am looking forward to getting to know her. She's been for a visit twice already, she seems very kind.

My bump is coming along nicely. I scarcely had time to get a fat front with James. It's nice to watch it grow. I feel so well. So healthy and vibrant.

I have started Hope's blanket. I held off and held off....until Friday. And starting it early did not make her come early. Don't know what crazy stuff I was thinking. I am also planning to make her a cute scrappy crochet floppy eared bunny from some of my "new scraps".

James was so super cuddly with me today. He just wanted to snuggle and kiss me. I am missing that little guy so much. Everything has settled down with him, and I think he's coping extremely well for a little dude who hasn't had his Mum around for 6 weeks now. He is well loved and cared for, I just wish I was the one doing all the loving and the caring.

As the countdown to home begins I am feeling more homesick, missing some little things;
  • those first-thing-the-morning cuddles with James and conversations with my hubby
  • cup of tea in a china mug
  • home cooked food, in particular bowl of spag bol or BBQ breakfast Andy style
  • my chooks and their delightful and reassuring clucking and beautiful eggs
  • the amazing view from my living room