Monday, April 7, 2014


Nothing happened. Another day done. Pat myself on the back.

I am madly thinking of all the things I can, and want to do while resting for Hope. It's lucky I am a mad keen crafter and reader. Not much of a TV watcher although I plan to try harder.

I am still anxious as hell. Each visit to the toilet is with great trepidation. I am pregnant. I go a lot. A lot of trepidation.

Today was a good one. Mum looked after James and I. Dad shopped for the household. Andy worked his butt off. My job is to keep calm and gestate on! The care and catering cannot be faulted.

I finished a book :: Killer Angels. About the battle of Gettysburg. Lots of military hoo ha. I found it a bit dry. Was a nice change from my usual crime pulp. I started a new one, another Karin Slaughter. Crime pulp. It suits me fine. I know the players. Am determined to mix up my reading genres a bit. Feel a bit lazy in my brain though. That's OK isn't it?

I am out of progesterone after my dose tonight. C'mon Australia post. I need those little bullets to whack up my jaxy. That's right folks. There's nothing I won't do for Hope. Andy finds it hilarious. If it was happening to someone else I'd find it funny too. It's actually not that bad. I didn't say I liked it but there are way worse things to come. I need the progesterone to keep my uterus quiet, stop contractions and any other pregnancy disrupting malarkey my body might try.

I like ticking off the days. It makes me feel like I'm getting somewhere.

I need to lie down. My tummy is too full. We feasted on fresh flathead caught from the river.

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