Friday, April 18, 2014


 I "passed" the scan on Thursday and am home again for another week. We got most of the morphology done and everything looks good. In proportion. Little heart chugging away. Eyes. Nose. Hands and feet. All where they should be. Hope was being especially tricksy and I had to go and come back three times between my appointment time 1120 and last attempt at 1:30pm! Meant I got to see dr before he left for a lecture or some other important engagement.

Blood pressure was a bit up 130/85 for me. I was feeling super stressed out. No one seemed a bit concerned.

Dr sent me home and will continue to do so if there is no change. Stable cervix = good cervix. The stitch is holding, and if anything cervix was slightly longer beneath the stitch. Above remained the same.

I was very relieved to be coming home again. It's Easter. Nice to spend with my family. Especially that I get to be here for James when he realizes the Easter bunny has been and left chocolate eggs. And hubby has the week off. So far it has been a superb weekend, lots of sunshine. The boys are down on the beach building dams and castles. And then a bit later this morning a special treat :: a steam train will be stopping in Brooklyn, so they will go over for that spectacle.

I am feeling fine. My tummy has popped out in front and I feel her wiggling around all of the time. I am crafting and reading and watching catch up television. I am so pleased the progesterone issue has resolved, I am having no problems at all with this batch.

Until next time....

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