Friday, April 11, 2014


Am I cheating by posting at this time? Having counted another day? I need something to look forward to. Small, surmountable goals. Humor me.

The doc suggested that I get some sexy anti-clotting tights which my adoring hubby has picked up for me in the city today. He assures me they are S.E.X.Y. Whatever it takes. Beats clexane injections!

My progesterone arrived at Andy's work today. I'm looking forward to whacking a different pessary up my bum as the current batch burn baby. I have hours of post insertion squirming due the burning discomfort in my bum.  All for Hope. Definitely worth it. Definitely allowed to have a whinge.

I am staying sane by watching SBS catch up, house of cards and lots of news updates. I am very worldly at the moment. I am also crafting away on some secret squirrel projects that I can't detail here. I am determined to start another crochet project - I packed my yarn and hook action for the hospital on Thursday. I am also reading. A lot.

I am a prolific reader. A consumer of pulp and literature. I love to read. I'd rather read than do most other things to be true. Am currently reading " The Light Between Oceams" . Read it? If you have you might be wondering why I am at this point in time. I have questioned myself about this. An Australian novel, it's making a lovely break from my usual gory crime fiction. But there is a lot of baby death. It makes me cry. But I think I'd cry no matter what MY situation. If it gets too hard, I will stop. I have promised Andy that I won't look for sadness and heartache and death everywhere.

Baby Hope has been active on and off through the day. We're coming into her favourite activity zone. Usually right after I've finished dinner. Full as a goog and uncomfy as hell and she starts up with the kicking and punching. I type with a smile on my face.  I feel fine. Confined. I have a sore bum. But fine.

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