Wednesday, April 9, 2014

18 weeks and a scan

I think you may safely assume if I'm not reporting, I have nothing to report. Although experience would dictate that when things go to hell in a hand cart the last thing on my befuddled mind is to reach out. But I am going to do my best.
For now it's safe to assume that things are fine.
Andy managed to get me some interim progesterone from a pharmacy in the city. I don't have many so I hope the original order arrives soon! These ones are a different shape and consistency for sure. They burn my bum. For a good hour after inserting them my bum is in all sorts. I want to go number two, I want to toot but am all too afraid lest I lose the $$$ pessary and the hormone to boot. I was told to try coating the pessary with sudocream or similar, it seemed to help a little with the burning. I also retained a grade A headache all night, I'm sure this is from the progesterone, and felt a little queasy as I woke this morning. Must ask the doc.
I feel Hope moving around a bit. Mostly at night when I am full to the brim of dinner. Perhaps she's fighting for space. A bit like me in my own bed at night, with James wriggling between Andy and I.
I had lovely visitors for morning tea yesterday::Skye and Shell. They have been wonderfully supportive and especially helpful with ferrying James and the preschool run. Michelle will pick James up this arvo and take her to their house for a play date, bath and dinner - what an adventure. He sure is a lucky kid.
I have a scan to check my stitch at 3, then off to see the doc at 4. While I can pack a bag and resign myself to a long stay in the big house, saying goodbye to James is going to be tough this morning. I can hope that the doc sends me home for another week. It could go either way I reckon.
Despite what's happening with my cervix I feel fine. Hope is getting bigger all the time. I feel her moving. I have had no suspicious discharge that would indicate ruptured membranes or an infection, and no cramps, contractions or otherwise uterine movements. I am amazed that she can continue to grow oblivious to the fine line that separates her from life and death.
Staying at home is clearly preferable. I am comfy. I have my family around me. The upsides to being admitted are that Hope, and me, will be monitored more closely, and mum will have one less body to care for, one less mouth to feed and to fetch for.
We shall see. Watch this space for cervix stats later today.

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