Tuesday, April 15, 2014

18 + 5

I'm still here. I'm still at home.  We have a scan in 2 days. I am looking forward to seeing Hope but dreading it all the same. We are having the morphology/anomaly scan so it's a big one.  I may go into hospital. I may not.

In other news I have started a new batch of progesterone pessaries. They are WAY less painful the previous, interim, batch. I now warm them slightly by keeping the next ones to go out of the fridge and use a tiny bit of Vaseline.  It's funny. I was dreading starting the new batch as they are double the size of the last batch. I was beginning to despair. How was I going to keep this up for the next ?? weeks? Asking the Dr my other options regarding progesterone administration was on my agenda but as long as things stay calm I think I'll persist with the pessaries. Stay tuned.

I am keeping calm and crafting on. I've started a crazy colourful crochet blanket. Not for Hope. Not for any reason except that I have the time and inclination. I am not making anything for her yet. I don't know when I will feel that I can....

I am being so good. So lazy. Barely lifting a finger. My butt hurts from sitting on it all day. I'd really like to stay home for a few more weeks. Andy has next week off. It'd be so nice to be with the family.  Until I have the scan I have no idea whether my cervix is behaving or not. I will pack my bags of course.

The appointment is for 1120 on 17th April. I will be 19 weeks. The same scan and gestation where things started to go to hell in a hand cart with James. Another reason for my worry. It'll be good to get it done.

In Hope news...feels like she's been doing little flips this afternoon. Very reassuring.

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